5 Weekend Dive Holiday Spots Near Singapore

In a typical year, we have 52 weekends, 104 days, or I could say so for most of us urban-dwellers who have a five days work week. A typical weekend looks like this – snooze till noon, cafe-hop, shop, go to the movies, hit the club, surf FaceBook and the … Read more

Tenggol Diving That You Did Not Know About

You didn’t even know it exists! (Which is probably why you are reading this right now. Hurhur.) Located on the East Coast of Malaysia in Terengganu, Pulau Tenggol is often overlooked because of the spotlight cast on her neighbouring islands such as Redang, Perhentian etc. She is a petite beauty … Read more

Why is Tenggol Worth the Journey

A quaint little island nestled amongst the string of islands in the South China Sea, Tenggol is cozily private, with only two operational resorts. Most of the islands in Malaysia are pretty developed, you can catch a whiff of commercialization miles and miles away. It is becoming rather difficult to … Read more

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