What night diving in Asia looks like

What night diving in Asia looks like

Diving in Asia is not only for the light of the day. It can also be a enjoyed by those who wants to dive in the black of the night. “Night diving is scary and devoid of color”? Well, we disagree. Have a glimpse on what a night diving in … Read more

3 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

3 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

The key to a happy and healthy lifestyle is to never drive yourself crazy just to adhere to your strict workout plan. It is possible to be healthy and to have fun at the same time! Here are reasons why scuba diving is the best activity to gain a healthy … Read more

Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia

Just along the east coast of Malaysia, a magnificently serene island is unearthed. It is called as the Tenggol Island or Pulau Tenggol, known for being an isolated paradise warmed by the South China Sea for every kind of divers around the world. [one_second] 1.Coral Garden Imagine exploring a garden … Read more

Why Phuket is Our Go-To Dive Site This Monsoon

No wonder this large island just lying off the Andaman Sea is branded as a pearl. Its sparkling clear water, dreamy beaches, and azure-and-emerald panorama are ecstatic. But you know what? There is really more too Phuket than meets the eye! There are hundreds of great things to see and … Read more

9 Tropical Dive Sites Every Diver Must Explore Now

You are being left behind if you haven’t dived into these mesmeric sites yet! Marked for their tropical appeal and rich marine life, these islands in are considered prime and unique in the world of diving. Here are nine tropical dive sites that you should definitely include on your dive … Read more

First Singaporean Resort on the shore of Tulamben, Bali

Pure, adrenaline-loaded escapades! This is what the first Singaporean resort in Tulamben, Dive Inn Bali, has to offer! There are tons of reasons why it is the best resort for your Bali diving adventures, you know? And here are some of them: Easy access to mesmerizing dive spots Yes, right! … Read more

5 Reasons to Go Diving in Tulamben

Tulamben is a world-renowned little village that lies beneath the foot of Gunung Agung volcano in the Northeastern coast of Bali. Here are 5 reasons why you should dive here: Good scuba diving conditions Most dive spots in the village are reachable directly from the coastline that is concealed with … Read more

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