Liveaboard Anambas | What You Should Know About Igara Wreck

Igara Wreck - A must see!

Anambas Islands is home to one of the world’s best wreck dive sites; Igara Wreck. A bulk ore carrier that struck an unmarked rock, off the coast of Indonesia in 1973, was the Igara. After striking her bow gradually filled with water and she sank to the bottom at a depth of 40m, 131ft. At the time of her sinking, Igara was the largest maritime loss in history by value, with her cargo of 127,718 tonnes of Brazilian iron ore worth USD $25 million.


Why Igara Wreck?

Igara’s nutrient-rich waters are overgrown with soft corals and provide habitat for innumerable common species of smaller to medium-sized fish, sponges, and hydroids. It attracts schools of barracudas, snappers, fusiliers, angelfish, groupers, and batfish. Blotched fantail stingrays can also be found closer to the bottom. Along the journey, there could be possible sightings of dolphins and schools of tuna.


When is the best time to explore?

The best months to experience these islands are during the months from April to October. The months of November to February are affected by the monsoon and will be not suitable for sailing or diving.

Igara Wreck is one of many wrecks in Indonesia. For those of you who have always been fascinated by wrecks and would love to explore its reality, this one's for you. Come see it for yourselves and be amazed! 

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