What’s Killing Our Coral Reef Ecosystems

Coral reefs are considered as the ocean’s rainforests. These rainforests fill in as natural surroundings and settling reason for some marine critters. Like an individual who needs shield for assurance and solace, most fish likewise require the coral reefs to shield them from predators and other damaging elements. Coral reefs … Read more

Wreck Diving Guidelines for Beginners

Congrats, globe-trotter. At last, your fantasy of chasing down wreck ghosts and ocean beasts are coming to the real world. We realize that arranging a wreck diving excursion can be extremely difficult, so here’s to enable you to accomplish that ideal escape. Get a pen and paper—list down these things … Read more

Malaysian Food to Try After the Dive

Kuching, Malaysia as often as possible credits its very own stand-out bend to customary Malay, Chinese, and even Indonesian sustenance. Sarawak Laksa The area Sarawak laksa is a rich, red hot, close-by assortment of Malaysia’s ubiquitous soup-noodle bowl. Kind measured prawns, fresh lime, and coriander credit a unique flavor to … Read more

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