4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tenggol’s Underwater Christmas Trees

It’s always a season for giving, no wonder Tenggol gives you the most wonderful gifts you’ll ever experience. Christmas trees are considered as the tree of life — just like these fragile living organisms which provides home for at least 25% of all marine species. And since corals reefs are the ocean’s holiday spirit underwater, these are the perfect dive sites where you can find the most colorful corals:

1. Dive into a Coral Garden!

It is not usual when you have the opportunity to see a garden underwater. People will probably think the plants there are drowning, but in Tenggol it’s different. Their definition of garden is the vari-colored corals that will lift your souls up. You’ll be able to see various shapes and colors of Sponges, Brain Corals, Elkhorn Corals, Sea Slugs, and Groupers. Feel the holiday vibe all the way underwater with this bizarre organisms with aesthetic spiral plumes resembling a fir tree called Christmas Tree Worms.

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tenggol’s Underwater Christmas Trees (Coral Reefs!)

2. Feel the cozy atmosphere at Rajawali Reef!

Be rejuvenated and mesmerized with the environment beneath Tenggol’s Rajawali Reef. A great deal of Hard Corals, Soft Corals, Sponges and Anemones absolutely cover a large scope in this area. Who would have thought that Corals can be a living shelter for feeding, sleeping and even as a playground for this radiant colored slithering Nudibranchs. Find this ocean’s bestowed underwater species that you can include to your fascinating reef exploring experience.

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tenggol’s Underwater Christmas Trees (Coral Reefs!)

3. Explore the dark side of Teluk Air Tawar!

There is always a room for adventure, divers! This dive site of Tenggol is more like of a bay and is best explored during the night as the underwater creatures gather and welcomes you with their friendly presence. At the lowest part of the Teluk Air Tawar a great scenery of corals will be seen. It is also made up of sandy seabed and  Acropora with hard and encrusting corals hidden with marine species like batfish and black tip reef shark.

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tenggol’s Underwater Christmas Trees (Coral Reefs!)

4. Deeper the better in Tokong Timur!

The Tokong Timur is exposed with Barrel Sponges, Feather Stars and some Damsel Fish that adds an ornamental feeling beneath the water which will make you feel at ease while diving. By the end of the dive you will be able to see where the impressive amount of rainbow-coloured corals exist, and the thousands of diverse marine life species doing their daily businesses.

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tenggol’s Underwater Christmas Trees (Coral Reefs!)



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Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia

Just along the east coast of Malaysia, a magnificently serene island is unearthed. It is called as the Tenggol Island or Pulau Tenggol, known for being an isolated paradise warmed by the South China Sea for every kind of divers around the world.


1.Coral Garden

Imagine exploring a garden covered with vivid coral canvass. Isn’t it wonderful? You’ll be swimming in the ocean floor surrounded by breathtaking soft and leather corals.



Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia



2.Rajawali Reef

This site is recommended for advanced divers for it can be as deep as 32metres. If you are brave enough to dive in a strong current with a visibility of 10 to 20 meters then this reef is crafted for you.



Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia



3.Tanjung Pasir

Due to strong currents in this area, a lot of divers are challenged to explore this part of the island to see some pristine coral formations and the overall natural beauty landscape that it offers.



Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia



4.Teluk Air Tawar

Night dive is the best here! Hump head Parrot Fish, giant Stingray, Wrasses, Moray eels, bubble shrimps and schooling Jacks will make your evening in the underwater memorable.



Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia



5.Five Sisters

Ready to inspect wrecks? Not just one but five wrecks joined together! Be sure to bring your underwater camera with you and be advised that strong currents can serve as training ground for deep and drift dives.



Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia


Home to multiple kinds of lives, the island’s diving sites are sanctuaries to the world’s most diverse species of Nudibranchs, Sea Turtles, Giant Double-headed Parrotfish, Yellow Fusiliers, and Trevallies. You can also have close encounters with large pelagic such as Whale Sharks and Manta Rays can be experienced at certain times but most common are the Eagle Rays, Black-tipped Reef Sharks and Large Barracudas scattered in the deep.

As secluded as it can be and given with a limited range of facilities, the ground surface is equally breathtaking as the underwater beauty gifted with white powdery soft sand enveloped by rocks to battle the harsh waves of the South China Sea. Urban lifestyle can be exhausting sometimes and we all deserve to get a vacation once in awhile. With more than 20 dive sites discovered, your adventure will definitely be special and very personal from the heart of Tenggol Islands.

Reaching Paradise

Tourists have tons of options to get around the island, it can be by bus, by air, or by car. You can get to the island by riding a bus from the major cities to Dungun. Flights are also available at hand from Kuala Terengganu to mainland Malaysia daily via Firefly, Air Asia, and Malaysian Airlines. If you have an international license, you can take a 5-6 hour drive to Dungun from Kuala Lumpur. The most convenient way to get around is to schedule and make prior arrangements with your hotel accommodations on the island because they usually come together with the transfer and pickup services from the airports or docks.


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9 Tropical Dive Sites Every Diver Must Explore Now

You are being left behind if you haven’t dived into these mesmeric sites yet! Marked for their tropical appeal and rich marine life, these islands in are considered prime and unique in the world of diving. Here are nine tropical dive sites that you should definitely include on your dive bucket list!

Diving Phuket

The “The Pearl of the Andaman,” as they call it.  A handful of dive sites surround the astonishing island of Phuket. With the temperature playing between 27°C and 31°C throughout the year, it mirrors a perfect condition for diving!

 Diving in Phuket

Diving Bali

You cannot certify yourself as a diver if you haven’t dived this wonderland in Indonesia yet. The tropical island of Bali will make you wish to swap your lungs for gills. If you are a beginner, this island offers the best dive site around Amed and Padang Bay. For advanced divers, feel free to drift dive around Nusa Penida.

Bali Dive

Diving Tioman (onboard MV Nautica)

If you’re planning to visit the lovable country of Malaysia, be sure to visit the Tioman Island, one of the region’s most enchanting dive site on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Wouldn’t it be lovely to save a spot onboard MV Nautica and explore the island’s’ beauty?

Tioman Dive

Diving Manado

The island is a dream come true for deep divers because the waters can go as deep as 1600 meters that will give the opportunity to get the best wall diving experience in the world!

Manado Dive

Diving Tenggol

Another isolated jewel of Malaysia is lying on the east coast of the country. Tenggol island or Pulau Island is probably the most suited island if you are craving for a serene getaway. You’ll definitely find peace once you dive it’s marvelous underwater.

Tenggol Dive

Diving Anambas

This island from Indonesia was coined as one of the best tropical island in Asia by CNN so you’re free to set your expectations high and this island will surely not disappoint! Beautiful corals in Anambas are scattered everywhere connecting different islands.

Anambas Dive

Diving Maldives

This island is what white sandy beaches dreams are made of. Hundreds of isolated islands offer a gigantic playground for divers. What makes Maldives special is the abundant marine life that it holds underneath its waters. Book your Maldives liveaboard trip now to have a special encounter with eagle rays, whale sharks, and lots of pelagic fishes.

Maldives Dive

Diving Ambon

Attention muck divers! Set the date to meet a full range of weird and wacky macro critters such as rhinopia, wonderpus, ghost pipefish in the east part of Indonesia. Being a magnificent remote island, the number of tourists who visit here is not suffocating. This island of Ambon will give you the time and space that you need and will always be there to soothe your mind and soul.

Ambon Dive

Diving Raja Ampat Islands

The most eastern Island of Indonesian Archipelago hides the ultimate pristine paradise – Raja Ampat that translates to “The Four Kings”. The island is enormous covering 9.8 million acres of land and sea that serves as home for more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. The vast waters of Raja Ampat offer a lot of diving and snorkeling activity while the landscape above the surface is equally breathtaking.

Raja Ampat


Don’t miss your chance to explore these must-see tropical sites. Cheers to more diving expeditions, fellow divers!



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You don't need to spend big bucks for a dive holiday. Just don't miss a massive sale!

From the scuba gears and garbs to the diving travel itself, it is usually quite a hefty investment. But you know what? And we are here to help roll your ROI in that equipment!

Dive Your Choice is in its 9th year — and our massive 24-hour anniversary sale will be up! This is the perfect time to book your best dive holidays ever. Check out these exciting diving deals because we are giving away great, great discounts on our signature products!

1.Diving in Phuket

Dive with the Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and various species of Reef Sharks in the mesmerizing waters of Phuket, Thailand.

How much you can save: $70

What can you do with your savings: How about a visit to Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket and experience Thailand’s rich culture?

Travel Period: November – March 2018 (Thu-Sun)


2.Diving in Bali

Mystical wreck dive sites, Mola-Mola, and unbelievably beautiful reefs, what more can you ask for?

How much you can save: $110

What you can do with your savings: Ohh, do some nature-tripping in Bali! Stroll around the island and have a glimpse of its grandeur sceneries!

Travel Period: October – February 2017 (Fri-Mon)


3.Diving in Tioman with MV Nautica

Explore the beauty of the Igara Wreck and lavish at the sight of Tioman’s crystal clear waters through MVN liveaboard.

How much you can save per trip: $84

What you can do with your savings: Give a tip to the locals or boat crew. I’m sure they are part of your great diving experience. This tip can’t match the experience you can get during the trip.

Travel Period:

10 – 12 November 2017

17 – 19 November 2017

24 – 26 November 2017

4.Diving in Manado

Marvel upon the magnificent marine biodiversity of Manado, and swim with the Napoleon Wrasse, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, and Sailfin Tangs. With our latest partner resort, Janji Laut! Right beside the water edge, amidst cottages situated in the lush greenery..

How much you can save per trip: (Whopping) $200!

What you can do with your savings: Remember that new Mares mask you’ve always been dying to have? You can get it now!

Travel Period: All-Year Round


5.Diving in Tenggol

Tenggol boasts enchanting wrecks and marvelous underwater formations: the Coral Garden, the Rajawali Reef, and the Turtle Point to name a few. Moreover, catch the sightings of these gentle giants!

How much you can save per trip: $70

What you can do with your savings: Get a few packs of beer and admire the sunset on the beach!

Travel Period: 19 – 22 October 2017


6.Diving in Anambas with MV Nautica

Be amazed at Anambas’ unspoiled corals and crystal clear waters that are home to a healthy and colorful marine life. Oh, did we mention that MV Nautica has seen Whale Sharks countless times this year?  And did we mention this is the LAST TRIP OF THE SEASON TO ANAMBAS??!!!

How much you can save per trip: $100

What you can do with your savings: Book another trip with MV Nautica before the season closes!

Travel Period: 26 – 29 October 2017 (Last trip to Anambas!)

Not only it’s totally awesome to get these amazing diving trip deals at greatly discounted prices. It’s also super practical: you can use your savings to finally buy that new diving equipment you’ve been wanting to have ever since forever or save the money for your next diving trip or for treating a friend who wants to travel with you. Why not, right — just make sure to not miss this sale!

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Tenggol Diving – Discover East Malaysia's Diving Jewel

Tenggol Island

Notice for Early Bird Bookings

Tenggol closes her doors from beginning of November till the end of February every year when the monsoon hits the East Coast of Malaysia. As nature intervenes, the reefs and the marine life goes into remission and recovery during these months of tumultuous weather.

Pre-bookings for the season ahead, however, are always made during the monsoon. Diving and snorkeling packages would have been planned and sold in advance; while the resorts' availability in the first three months of the season and especially the Public Holiday weekends would have been 80 percent booked out.

In view of that, we have pre-booked spaces for the entire season from March till October 2017.

Early birds will be entitled to an "Early Bird Price" for any pre-booking made from now till the season reopens. After which, prices will be adjusted upwards accordingly for the coming season till our last trip in October.

Tenggol Diving At A Glance

20 - 40 Meters of Visibility & Whale Shark Sightings

8 Hours Land Transfer by Coach 

Full Board at Tenggol Coral Beach Resort 

4D3N, 5D4N, 6D5N Packages Available 

Why choose diving in Tenggol?

Variety of Sites

There are approximately 25 dive sites, with the furthest reachable in about 15 minutes of the island. Newbies can stay at sites nearer to the home island, whilst experienced divers can go farther out to "The Highway", "Fish Bowl", where conditions are challenging, but definitely rewarding. 

Pristine Dive Sites

The petite size of the island makes for much less crowded dive sites and corals in much more pristine conditions. 

Why Dive Tenggol with Dive Your Choice?

For 4 days and 3 nights, you will be led on a tour of 7 dive sites at Tenggol, where you will experience scuba diving in different current conditions and an underwater architecture of a wide array of marine animals, wrecks, slopes, pinnacles plus a few surprises. All dives are guided and led by the local guides, assisted by one of our own Divemaster/Instructor, ensuring your safety so that you can immerse yourself totally in the beauty of Tenggol's dive sites; setting our trips apart from the rest.

All Tenggol trips are led by one of our dive crew, from the start of the trip till the end; ensuring that at every single point of your diving experience, there is someone who will always be there to take care of your needs and queries. 

Tenggol's Marine Life

Unbeknownst to many, Tenggol is one of the stopover points along the migratory route for Whale sharks! We've had a record-breaking year with at least one sighting per trip in 2016. Be one of the lucky divers next year.

Tenggol's underwater architecture and reefs house an interesting collection of marine animals. Dive sites that are further are a tad more challenging but worth the effort. As all divers know, places with currents bring the most amount of nutrients needed to sustain and grow a wide host of marine life.

Be greeted by a concentration of Jacks, Tunas, Fusiliers, Barracudas, Bumpheads and Eagle Rays. The walls and swim-throughs form a labyrinth with sea anemones and sponges; imagine hide-and-seek with Moray Eels and Turtles as you drift comfortably with the currents.


Tenggol's Accommodation

Where you stay during a diving holiday is also another extremely important factor that enhances the whole experienec. The rustic but modern Tenggol Coral Beach Resort is where we will reside during our stay on the island.

The resort has 25 natural timber chalets segmented into three different room types; Bayview, Beachfront and Beachfront Deluxe. Each type of room is equipped with air-conditioning and comes with an attached bathroom with hot shower.

There is ample space for relaxation and recreation on the beach and in the resort. Food served are buffet-style and strictly halal.

Tenggol's Island Life

Sapphire-blue seas, mesmerizing sunsets, coupled with the warmth of the local staff; the idyllic days where you let your mind wander is here for you to behold. For those who are jaded with the numerous tracer-calls and emails from work, you've got the perfect excuse to not answer them now as there is no WiFi connection on Tenggol Island.

This is the perfect escapade where the only schedule is the schedule dictated by nature and where one retreats into the simplicity of life with modern needs well taken care of.

I Know What You Did Last Easter At Tenggol

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Too beautiful to forget.

No proper jetty, just get off the boat and walk on soft sand and salty water. Blue sky, crystal clear water, no mobile network. The perfect time to mingle, no chance to escape from awkward moments.

In this place, the simplest things became meaningful. Just toast and butter, plain porridge and salted egg, even jelly became so delicious.

Then I learnt that memories are kept not only in photos, but in a safe corner in my mind.

I remember. The moment when we are almost attacked by a trigger fish. Those times we lie on the rocky boat star gazing. The time that I screamed cos I saw a dolphin. “

– Kaylene Tan
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is quite amazing to see how far passion could bring you. Or rather, passion coupled with influence. It stemmed from an idea of collective fun, of bringing people together through scuba diving. And then it became a constant, and the constant into an annual tradition. Each year, we see the return of this massive group of people, and each year the number just increases and with each passing year, the destination of gathering became more and more exotic.

It was a bustling scene at the dive centre. An exodus of people milling about and getting ready, the air buzzed with excitement, anticipation, and ecstasy. Even as an overnight ride awaits them, everyone is still one Energizer bunny.

Gill Divers Tenggol

Off we go to where time stops! 
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The veil of darkness lifts as we journeyed through the night, when night parts way for the day. As the sun rose, the sky became a glorious shade of blue while it went from light yellow to a more intense color mixing in with purples and breaking-up the deeper shades of blue from the previous night. There is a moment — a pause — before the spilling of golden light upon the waters. It was as if we were transported to another dimension of time.

Tenggol diving holiday[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ferry ride to Tenggol was spent in contemplative silence as we cruised through the waters with the horizon trying to make up her mind on which outfit she should put on for the day.

The sight of the island was definitely a welcoming one after the overnight journey. The rooms and facilities definitely did not disappoint.

Tenggol diving holiday tenggol diving holidayTenggol dive holiday[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]All geared up and ready to roll for the weekend. Against the backdrop of the ever-changing horizon, the boat crew proceeded to load our gear onto the dive boats, we picked up our gear and made our way to the boat, watching our footprints etched in the sand and washed away by the waters gently caressing the shore. Much like us, who are just here for the weekend, with our traces of existence disappearing as fast as it had appeared.

Tenggol dive holiday[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In-water, we were blessed with visibility of about 30 meters. It was a little surreal, as the weightlessness in the water caressed my half-asleep soul, a dark silhouette slowly loomed into view, it was a wreck standing still, with visible traces of time etched on its body.

Coral growth has already begun on the hull and superstructure; it houses a good collection of reef fish, including lionfish, wrasse, triggers, butterflies and damsels. Barracudas occasionally cruise by in search of a meal.

Tenggol dive holiday

Tenggol dive holidayTenggol dive holiday

 [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rajawali is a reef well-covered in dense soft and hard corals, with massive coral heads, some good branching forms, and a nice selection of colourful soft corals. Morays hid in reef crevices, popping their heads out occasionally, and hiding back into their comfort zone when they see divers approaching. Large turtles paddle lazily along the reef slope along with reef fishes and schooling species.

Marine life was a whirlpool of amazement. It was a visual feast underwater, especially Moon Rack, a most deserving name for the dive site. It was as dreamy as the name promised, jacks, fusiliers, surgeons and barracudas school off the reef, and needlefish shimmering near the surface.

Time stopped for a moment right here. These were the private moments between Nature. A spiritual conversation with Nature that no one could interrupt.

Tenggol dive holiday

Tenggol diving holiday[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Out of the water, surface intervals were about the time spent with friends.

As the song goes; we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. We also had selfies with our sleeping friend.

Tenggol Sleeping-min

And in this case, we had sunshine under the armpit too. If I had to choose the best trip photo, this is it.

Sunshine under armpit-min[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We mingled, we joked about the funny moments underwater and exchanged stories of diving and our life in the urban jungle. For most of us, this is a conversation with what I deem as the Elixir of Life – alcohol. A little incoherent perhaps, but we rely on our other senses to amplify the experience and keep both sides of the conversation going, with fellow human beings and the world where the Elixir brought us to.

tenggol dive holiday[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Time just seemed to slip away when you are having fun. Goodbyes are always hard. Two days on this island were not enough to experience the full beauty of this place. Tenggol, we will meet again for sure. And fellow friends and divers, we will see each other again in that void beyond time created underwater, where the future, the present and the past blend into a swirl.

Tenggol dive holiday
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thank you to the following peeps for the photos in this post:
Kirby Nikki
Charissa Chen
Tan Ping Chie[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

5 Weekend Dive Holiday Spots Near Singapore

In a typical year, we have 52 weekends, 104 days, or I could say so for most of us urban-dwellers who have a five days work week. A typical weekend looks like this – snooze till noon, cafe-hop, shop, go to the movies, hit the club, surf FaceBook and the likes. Occasionally, we throw in a dose of intellectual and physical activities like reading or hitting the gym.

Having more than a quarter of the year for leisure at disposal, how to spend it becomes an important question. For those who have already fallen in love with scuba diving, we have a selection of destinations for you. For those who are not a scuba diver yet, it might be time to get that certification!

  1. Anambas on Liveaboard MV Nautica

    Named Asia’s Best Tropical Island by CNN.com in 2013, Anambas offers unmatchable visibility up to 30 metres and a good mix of things to see, from the occasional Whaleshark sightings and the Igara Wreck on a 4D3N long weekend trip. For 2016, there are monthly trips from March until October even over 3D2N. You can check out MV Nautica’s 2017 schedule to plan your trip ahead!

    Eat. Sleep. And dive on MV Nautica Liveaboard. Take that giant stride of convenience and comfort on MV Nautica!

    Our leisure diver. Great buoyancy there!
    Our leisure diver. Great buoyancy there!

    Anambas best dive holiday indonesia nautica

  2. Tioman

    A well-known dive destination, there are two options to Tioman – MV Nautica Liveaboard and the regular land trip. The land trip looks like this – land transfer to Mersing Jetty on Friday evening, about 3 hours ferry transfer to Kampung Genting, where we usually stay at Genting Island Reef Resort. A weekend here brings you back to the good old Kampung days. OR, you could travel hassle-free on the Liveaboard MV Nautica. Where there is a constant supply of food and bottomless snacks!

    best diving holiday dive tioman anambas liveaboard singapore

    Tioman diving best dive holiday liveaboard


  3. Tenggol

    We were overjoyed when we found this place. Not that Redang, Perhentian, or the islands nearby are not great. But that little piece of haven, with minimal commercialization, this is it. The trip needs a minimum of 4D3N. If you are not doing anything over the long weekends, or just wanna escape to somewhere where nobody can reach you, Tenggol is the quick dive holiday getaway from the bustle and hustle from the concrete jungle.

    The perfect spot for surface intervals
    The perfect spot for surface intervals

    tenggol diving best holiday


  4. Bintan

    45 minutes away from Singapore, Bintan is the nearest and most easily accessible location in the list.  You will reside in Bintan Agro Beach Resort, a three-star resort located at Trikora Beach. The dive sites are only about 10 minutes boat ride away, with two dives scheduled in a day, with the extra time on hand, you can get a massage, head over to the karaoke lounge or curl up with a book by the beach. (Learn more about Bintan diving here!)

    bintan diving indonesia dive holiday

    bintan diving, best diving, holiday, indonesia


  5. Dayang  

    About 3.5 hours away from Mersing Jetty, Dayang is a gem in the Malaysia Peninsular. Being the only resort on the island, it feels like you have the whole island to yourself, with a private beach. Dayang is a familiar name amongst local divers. Since the decrease of the Marine Park Fees to RM200 per weekend, divers have been streaming back in throngs. We are waiting eagerly for it to drop even further! (I feel awesome even just doing shore dives. Trust me, I really did last October..)


    dayang diving best dive holiday malaysia
    The boat looks superimposed ain’t it! No filter btw!!

    dayang diving best dive holiday malaysia



Tenggol Diving That You Did Not Know About

  1. You didn’t even know it exists!

    (Which is probably why you are reading this right now. Hurhur.)

    Located on the East Coast of Malaysia in Terengganu, Pulau Tenggol is often overlooked because of the spotlight cast on her neighbouring islands such as Redang, Perhentian etc. She is a petite beauty of 3km in length and 2km in width. It is a lot less commercialised and a lot quieter and idyllic as compared to her neighbours.

    The island from above!
    The island from above!

    Without WiFi on the island, Tenggol is the perfect island getaway for those who craves some peace and quiet from the urban hustle. My favourite activity? Curl up with a book in the hammock during surface interval. Watch the sunset or stargaze by the beach with a beer in hand.

    Back on earth. Wake up to the blissful sound of waves every morning!
    Back on earth. Wake up to the blissful sound of waves every morning!


    The perfect spot for surface intervals


    Or get active!


  2. Tenggol Island was cited as “The Best Diving in Peninsular Malaysia” in Asian Diver Magazine Annual Edition

    One of the dive site

    Partly because of the size of the island, the number of divers is restricted by the capacity of the two resorts on the island. Hence, Tenggol has the some of most pristine corals I’ve seen thus far. With 20 or so dive sites around the area, from relaxing to challenging sites, Pulau Tenggol has offerings for divers of all levels.

    This just makes life on land pale in comparison

    Based on personal experience, visibility differs from site to site, usually ranging from 10 to 20 metres. Conditions are predictable at some sites, whilst some are less predictable, especially those that are further out from the island. Some of the sites you could visit are Tokong Laut (Pelagics), Tanjung Gemuk, Tokong Burung, Tokong Limur.

  3. You can find Whale sharks here in March/April and August to October

    Pulau Tenggol is a stopover along the whale sharks migratory route, usually from August to October every year. It is much anticipated by divers as there are not many places in the world where whale sharks stay for such a prolonged period of time. A 5D4N trip to Tenggol in August over National Day may be a diving holiday to encounter this magnificent creature!
    P.S. The package does not include guaranteed whale shark encounters!





Why is Tenggol Worth the Journey

A quaint little island nestled amongst the string of islands in the South China Sea, Tenggol is cozily private, with only two operational resorts. Most of the islands in Malaysia are pretty developed, you can catch a whiff of commercialization miles and miles away. It is becoming rather difficult to find another one as untouched by the arms of capitalism like Tenggol nowadays.

Just like all the good things in our world, you need a little patience. The ten-hour journey will manifest in ways that are worth the wait.

Optimized-_DSC0083 (1)

The Resort
Despite the remoteness of the island, the resorts are very well-maintained and well-furnished. Rooms are clean and comfortable. Every room is air-conditioned and comes attached with a bathroom too. AND HOT SHOWER. And food is awesome too. Just imagine the buffet dinner with Beef Rendang, Assam Fish, and the list goes on. Wipe that sliver of saliva off the corners of your mouth please.

Bay View Chalet
The Private Balcony

The Dives 
As for the dives, there are about 20 dive sites around the area. There are dive sites appropriate for divers of all experience levels. Turtle Bay, Coral Garden, Rajawali for the beginner divers. The further sites out in the open with more current for the experienced divers. Decent sites with pristine corals and great viz in the right weather. Walls, sloping reefs, swim-throughs, the architecture is full of surprises. A dozen variety of Moray Eels were peeking at me while I made my way through the dense coral landscape. The visual stimulants are just too much for me to list them here.

Most dive sites are accessible within 10 – 15 minutes, so we usually swing out for a dive and come back for a nap/food, then head out again.

Apologies but wide angle lens are expensive!


Whale shark migration happens every August till October and also in March/April! One of our group saw this beauty last October! 


The Views
One of the most memorable moment was the panoramic sunset. My vocabulary bank is not sufficient to express how beautiful it is, so here are some images to feed your imagination. The changing hues and shades of purple, pink, orange, it was the best surface interval I’ve ever had. Grab a beer and take mental snapshots of the changing faces of Mother Nature. Cross your fingers that the skies are clear. 

Picture Credit: Another Traveler
Picture Credit: Another Traveler

And we often wonder where the stars are when we look up to the night sky amidst our urban jungle. Apparently they’ve been playing hide-and-seek with us.

Picture Credit: Bertrand Low

The Activities!
All of us have that perfect image of that perfect holiday on that perfect little island. Of course the environment matters, especially when you are on holiday. But nothing ever beats the company you are with. This is us getting Jenga-ed!

Picture Credit: Another Traveler
Forehead drawing for the Jenga-ed!

There is also ample space on the island for you to create your own bubble of existence when you need that time and space away from everyone and just be with your thoughts.


When you come out of that bubble, a beach volleyball game might just be the perfect solution.

_DSC9709 copy

With the absence of WiFi, it is a good break from the digital connectivity, from the incessant notifications on our devices of endless emails and messages. What you have will be the company of a bunch of individuals who share the same passion for the underwater world.

If you are looking for some rare moments of solitude away from the occasionally overwhelming city of ours or just a weekend of good fun, this is it!

See you here! https://blog.diveyourchoice.com/2016/02/17/dive-your-choice-2016-calendar/

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