Pulau Hantu: Exploring the Depths of Singapore’s Backyard

Diving in Pulau Hantu vows to give you a visual buffet of colorful marine critters. It is also a famous fishing and scuba diving grounds because of its ethereal lagoons, sheltered beaches, and aesthetical underwater. Pulau Hantu is a sure favorite to campers who love to have an extraordinary outdoor experience.

Pulau Hantu - The Ghost Island

In Malay translation, Pulau Hantu literally means Ghost Island. Legends mention two fierce warriors engaged in a vicious combat. After their deaths, they were turned into two islands: Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Besar (Bigger Ghost Island).

Diving in Pulau Hantu

Macro photographers and muck divers will surely enjoy diving in Pulau Hantu. It is popular dive site for its wide variety of nudibranchs and slugs. Hantu Island is also abundant with other marine species such as brightly colored reef fish like the butterfly fish, albino pipefish, blue-spotted stingrays, and crocodile fish.

Pulau Hantu’s Macro Beauty

Due to its accessibility and sheltered reefs, diving in Singapore’s Pulau Hantu is popular for local recreational divers. During low tide season, visitors can walk between its two islets—Pulau Hantu Kechil and Pulau Hantu Besar. Seahorses, nurse sharks, batfish, cuttlefish, resident sea turtles, blue dragons, and beautiful sea slugs are abundant in the island.


Top 5 Features on a Liveaboard That All Divers Wish For

Mega Explorer Construction

Liveaboard is one of the best way to dive, in our opinion and one of the best dive holiday a diver could ask for. From coffee shop talks to shipping of the idea, we are finally ready to unveil one of the latest projects that have been brewing for a good 3 years in the making. She sports several firsts in Southeast Asia’s class of LOB vessels that deserves a listing of its own:

Built for comfort, speed, power, endurance
Mega Explorer was built with hitting all these needs in mind; safety, environment, comfort, efficiency, endurance, and seakeeping properties (less rocking means less vibration, noise, and splashing) in mind. Modeling test prior to the vessel construction has validated that the hull design will result in very good sea keeping qualities, especially during harsh weather conditions.

A relatively low resistance level allowing for consistent progress under power when meeting head seas, and excellent pitch-roll and sway with seas from the sides. Drawing on decades of knowledge and experience in seafaring and engineering, the radical hull and superstructure design is poised to change the perception of what diving a live-on-board vessel should feel like.

All-weather Dive Deck
Onboard Mega Explorer, we have designed a dedicated dive platform located astern featuring an all-weather, ventilated enclosure; is a one-stop platform for kitting up and gearing down before and after dives. Gear up and down in comfort, shielded from all weather elements, still leaving ample space to move around even!

Hyperbaric Chamber
Long trips out at sea mean we lose access to medical facilities if we really need them in times of emergency. Mega Explorer comes equipped with an onboard hyperbaric/recompression chamber with built-in breathing systems (BIBS) and accompanying first aid room for emergency treatment of decompression sickness. Whether you’re an instructor, divemaster, a recreational diver, a technical diver or doing a technical diving course, you can dive with a peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered in times of need. Better yet, get covered with a Dive and Travel Insurance.

Space is a scarcity. When there is sufficient space for everything and everyone, it is definitely a luxury. There are large salons on the main and upper decks that provide various enclaves for dining, socializing and entertainment, while the flight deck and sun deck provide additional spaces for outdoor leisure. With 11 Double Cabins, 10 Twin Cabins and 1 Suite Stateroom (all cabins come with en-suite bathroom), Mega Explorer offers spacious accommodations and creature comforts that will suit every individual’s needs.

Get ready to be pampered even further with Jacuzzi tubs onboard. Surface intervals are an integral part of the liveaboard experience. Eat. Sleep. Dive. Repeat. That’s life on a liveaboard. Now, add Jacuzzi to that experience and adventure of a lifetime. The perfect cherry on the topping.

At 115 feet length overall and over 400 gross ton, Mega Explorer is truly in a class of her own. Drawing on decades of knowledge and experience in seafaring and engineering, the hull and superstructure design is poised to change the perception of what a diving live-onboard vessel should feel like.

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People are diving to Pulau Hantu these holidays. Here’s why!

alabaster nudibranch

Ahoy divers! I know that the monsoon is raining on our parade…literally but no worries, the adventure doesn’t stop because we’ve got Pulau Hantu. Sure, it isn’t known for sandy white beaches and the oil refineries doesn’t help either but there’s a reason why divers keep coming back to this Black Pearl. Check them out:

  • What’s in a name?  

Pulau Hantu is literally defined as the Ghost Island or island of the ghosts in Malay translation. Local legend tells us that two fierce warriors locked in a vicious and ceaseless combat. This caused so much bloodshed among the mortals that it angered the jinns or sea spirits at the bottom of the ocean and so they created a whirlpool which sucked the warriors deep into the sea Relentless and blood thirsty, the warriors continued their battle. The sea spirits distracted one of them, allowing the warriors to thrust their swords into each other; rendering them both dead. The gods decreed the jinn shouldn’t interfere with the mortals. To compensate for their deaths, the gods transformed the warriors into islands--Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Besar (Bigger Ghost Island). Some say that their spirits still roam the islands.


  • No more going loco to locations!

Say goodbye to long bus journeys, last minute currency exchange and exhausting travelling time! Located in the southern shores of Singapore, the island of Pulau Hantu can be reached with only a thirty-minute boat ride. Contrariwise, there are no regular ferries to Pulau Hantu. Instead, charter a private boat for your dive trip or connect with the Hantu Bloggers to book a boat. And yes, there’s no need to ask friends for favors to babysit the kids, with the pier located at the West Coast, you’ll be able to get back in time after a great day of diving. What more can you ask for? Oh and get this, you don’t need passports nor visas! Just hop on aboard and go diving!


  • The Scuba Diving Scene!

Okay so, the island isn’t on top of our heads when we think of a diving site but it’s the closest on yet if you’re itching to put on your wetsuits and explore Neptune’s domain.

With depths around 12 to 18 meters maximum, Pulau Hantu is completely diver-friendly! But beware buddies! The viz on this diving site isn’t completely crystal clear waters. It could be as low as 1 meter, an average of 3 to 8 meters and 10 meters at most.

Are you a noob and are just testing waters? The SSI Open Water Dive course is there to help you start your underwater adventure by giving you the Scuba Diving 101’s. If you’re more of laid back person and just want to have awesome underwater shots, the SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving Specialty program is just for you! Get rewarded with a certification for each course post program completion.  


  • Macro Dreamer’s Haven!

Undeterred by Singapore’s industrialization, the island is rich in marine life! Nudibranchs or slug like creatures of every shape, size and color are scattered across the ocean floor.  It doesn’t stop there!  You get to swim with brightly coloured reef fish like the butterfly fish and parrotfish. Some divers spotted a rare creatures like the Albino Pipefish, Blue-spotted Stingrays and Crocodile fish camouflaging beneath the sea sand waiting for their next prey. For divers who are into underwater photography, get to feast your eyes on the kaleidoscope of colors as the colorful creatures make the silty covered sea bed come to life


See? The Ghost Island isn’t as forbidding as the name’s rep. Don’t miss the island’s hidden beauty so book your dive now!


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