3 Reasons Why Perhentian is Still Every Divers' Dream

Dive Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands, one of the most well-known outlying islands off the State of Terengganu. The bestowed name could not be apter, “the resting island”, she indeed offers one of the best experiences a holiday-maker can possibly expect; her status as the top choice for snorkelers and divers have been unwavering … Read more

3 Things You Did Not Know About Diving in Labuan

Vernon Bank Labuan

Labuan is a trade-free zone and tax-free haven and an International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC). It means DUTY-FREE spending spree for tourists! Labuan has great beaches such as Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Papan for more water activities like snorkeling and other water sports. Land activities such as trekking are also … Read more

Top 3 Dive Destinations to Explore this Year

Top 3 Dive Destinations to Explore this Year

2018 is a year of exploration! Why not sign up for an adventure? Dive right into these underwater nirvana, and be the first one to discover the wonders of their unexplored nooks and caverns. Tioman Island Ringed with aesthetical beaches and splayed with unsullied tropical rainforests, Tioman is the perfect … Read more

My Friends Thought I went to Maldives: Lang Tengah Island

NEW DESTINATION LAUNCH: LANG ISLAND SUMMER BAY RESORT When translated from Bahasa Malaysia, Pulau Lang Tengah means an “Eagle resting on the middle island”. Pulau Lang Tengah is between Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. Rated as one of the most romantic getaways in Asia by Asian Divers, this island took … Read more

Tenggol: The Diver's Haven of Malaysia

Just along the east coast of Malaysia, a magnificently serene island is unearthed. It is called as the Tenggol Island or Pulau Tenggol, known for being an isolated paradise warmed by the South China Sea for every kind of divers around the world. [one_second] 1.Coral Garden Imagine exploring a garden … Read more

Dear Ocean, we are here for you. Underwater Cleanup Time!

In complementary of efforts with Tioman Berjaya Resort, we are teaming up with local sponsors to hold the first of its kind event. Tioman Island is a place well-visited by Singapore Divers. Being an island state with limited resources, we have to rely on external resources. Every weekend, Tioman Island … Read more

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