What to do in Malapascua Island

What to do in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is a small island off the northeastern coast of Cebu in the Philippines. It features warm, tropical waters, palm trees, white beaches, and excellent dive sites. Diving The main thing to do on the island (except for relaxing) is diving. There are plenty of dive spots around the … Read more

7 Must Go Destinations For The "Big Stuff" Lovers

Almost every scuba diver has come across that image somewhere – that majestic yet graceful creature gliding across the waters, it might be a Whale Shark, an Oceanic Manta Ray, whatever creature it is, that moment always captures our hearts. It usually piques our imagination and that question, “What if … Read more

How I Fell In Love With Malapascua

By Eugene Cheow. Dive Professional’s Rating: Resort: 4/5 (Clean and well-furnished. Resort staff was super friendly with the best bar on the island!) Diving: 5/5 (Wreck, wall, macro, pelagic, she’s got it all~!) Value-for-money: 4.5/5 (12 dives in 5D4N with accom was less than SGD1000. Super worth it!) How it all … Read more

What Happened to Diving in Malapascua After The Typhoon

Diving in Malapascua - Island

It is a fact that Malapascua Island has been headlining and making a name for itself across the diving community around the world for its famed Thresher Sharks. It is a dive experience in every divers’ wish list and certainly a place to re-visit for those who have dived here before.

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