Diving in Indonesia: 3 Local Cuisines You Need to Try After the Dive

Diving is not just about taking a plunge into the country’s waters. It is also about exploring its culture—and the best way to do that is through its gastronomy. Take a look at this sumptuous cuisines you definitely need to try on your next dive trip to Indonesia!

Pepes (Banana Packets)

Pepes is fundamentally the same as Thai aeb, however it's the Indonesian rendition of an arrangement of fish, meat or tofu, blended with heaps of herbs and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf, and either grilled or steamed. It was initially a Sundanese cuisine from the Western piece of Java. Probably the most widely recognized forms of pepes incorporate chicken, fish, tofu, or mushrooms, blended with chilies, turmeric, shallots, garlic, candlenut, and lemon basil. What we adore so much is the packaging; since they are altogether wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked, the banana leaf gives an additional green quintessence to whatever is cooked inside.


Diving in Indonesia: 3 Local Cuisines You Need to Try After the Dive

Makassar Soup (Meat Soup)

Another adaptation of soto, which is numerous sorts of soup, however in Makassar they call it coto (articulated choto). It is a dark meat soup or stew initially from Makassar in Southern Sulawesi. For coto Makassar, meat and innards of the cow, are the main ingredients. The bowl of coto Makassar in Jakarta was exceptionally meaty, and included cow intestines, tripe, lungs (I think), and a couple of shapes of meat, all inside a cloudy dim broiled shelled nut based soup. It had a sour and nutty taste to it. Coto Makassar is totally unsalted, thus you can put how much salt you want. You can also add a crush of lime, and some sambal. Moreover, it's basic to eat coto Makassar alongside ketupat rice cakes.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

The famous Indonesian stir fried rice. Preparing this dish, the rice is mixed and fried in margarine and oil, prepared with pounded bean stew sambal, garlic, vegetables, chicken and egg. It is also blended with kecap manis which gives the fried rice its special Indonesian touch. nasi Goreng is easy to find in Indonesian streets—it is practically everywhere.



Bintan Diving You Did Not Know About

  • Bintan can dive one meh?!!

    That is usually the first question. Uh huh. It is open for diving. However, conditions might not be the most ideal at all times. Bintan during the monsoon reminds me of my mother, with her oh-so-frequent mood swings. (In fact, Bintan is actually more predictable in comparison.) This is one place that is open all-year round. It is one of the few options available during monsoon too and is a popular option for students doing diving courses like Open Water, Rescue etc. even during the diving season from March to October.

    Bintan diving dive site

    So we take the ferry go??

    Yes, the ferry ride is approximately 50 minutes via Bintan Resort Ferries, where you alight at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal (BBT), instead of the Tanjung Pinang Terminal. The ferry ride in comparison is a lot more comfortable even though BBT is further away.  Followed by an hour of land transfer to the resort, where the dive centre is also conveniently located. Dive sites are ten to fifteen minutes boat ride away from the resort. Which means when we finish our dives, there is ample time for post-dive activities in the resort. You can do a massage, spa, chill and have a beer or karaoke.



    Got stuff to see ah?!

    The conditions of the corals are pretty good since dive sites here are not crowded. Visibility might be unpredictable at times. But there are quite a bit of things to see. It is not Lembeh or Sipadan for sure, but we’ve had a few nice surprises! Spot these adorable creatures on your own!


    Blue-spotted stingray





    Then the resort there nice not??!

    By nice, you mean, like….


    Diving in Bintan usually elicits a reaction of surprise from the receiver – Dilated pupils (probably due to shock), nervous gulps. Either that or blank stares at you followed by the turning of the head. Now you know how to respond if you were asked that question the next time!

    In conclusion, Bintan is really near, travelling time is short, great food and accommodation, with the only downside as the unpredictability of the dive site conditions where other weekend destinations such as Tioman, Tenggol, Anambas are a lot better in comparison. And of course, price-wise, Tenggol and Anambas are higher in comparison.

5 Weekend Dive Holiday Spots Near Singapore

In a typical year, we have 52 weekends, 104 days, or I could say so for most of us urban-dwellers who have a five days work week. A typical weekend looks like this – snooze till noon, cafe-hop, shop, go to the movies, hit the club, surf FaceBook and the likes. Occasionally, we throw in a dose of intellectual and physical activities like reading or hitting the gym.

Having more than a quarter of the year for leisure at disposal, how to spend it becomes an important question. For those who have already fallen in love with scuba diving, we have a selection of destinations for you. For those who are not a scuba diver yet, it might be time to get that certification!

  1. Anambas on Liveaboard MV Nautica

    Named Asia’s Best Tropical Island by CNN.com in 2013, Anambas offers unmatchable visibility up to 30 metres and a good mix of things to see, from the occasional Whaleshark sightings and the Igara Wreck on a 4D3N long weekend trip. For 2016, there are monthly trips from March until October even over 3D2N. You can check out MV Nautica’s 2017 schedule to plan your trip ahead!

    Eat. Sleep. And dive on MV Nautica Liveaboard. Take that giant stride of convenience and comfort on MV Nautica!

    Our leisure diver. Great buoyancy there!
    Our leisure diver. Great buoyancy there!

    Anambas best dive holiday indonesia nautica

  2. Tioman

    A well-known dive destination, there are two options to Tioman – MV Nautica Liveaboard and the regular land trip. The land trip looks like this – land transfer to Mersing Jetty on Friday evening, about 3 hours ferry transfer to Kampung Genting, where we usually stay at Genting Island Reef Resort. A weekend here brings you back to the good old Kampung days. OR, you could travel hassle-free on the Liveaboard MV Nautica. Where there is a constant supply of food and bottomless snacks!

    best diving holiday dive tioman anambas liveaboard singapore

    Tioman diving best dive holiday liveaboard


  3. Tenggol

    We were overjoyed when we found this place. Not that Redang, Perhentian, or the islands nearby are not great. But that little piece of haven, with minimal commercialization, this is it. The trip needs a minimum of 4D3N. If you are not doing anything over the long weekends, or just wanna escape to somewhere where nobody can reach you, Tenggol is the quick dive holiday getaway from the bustle and hustle from the concrete jungle.

    The perfect spot for surface intervals
    The perfect spot for surface intervals

    tenggol diving best holiday


  4. Bintan

    45 minutes away from Singapore, Bintan is the nearest and most easily accessible location in the list.  You will reside in Bintan Agro Beach Resort, a three-star resort located at Trikora Beach. The dive sites are only about 10 minutes boat ride away, with two dives scheduled in a day, with the extra time on hand, you can get a massage, head over to the karaoke lounge or curl up with a book by the beach. (Learn more about Bintan diving here!)

    bintan diving indonesia dive holiday

    bintan diving, best diving, holiday, indonesia


  5. Dayang  

    About 3.5 hours away from Mersing Jetty, Dayang is a gem in the Malaysia Peninsular. Being the only resort on the island, it feels like you have the whole island to yourself, with a private beach. Dayang is a familiar name amongst local divers. Since the decrease of the Marine Park Fees to RM200 per weekend, divers have been streaming back in throngs. We are waiting eagerly for it to drop even further! (I feel awesome even just doing shore dives. Trust me, I really did last October..)


    dayang diving best dive holiday malaysia
    The boat looks superimposed ain’t it! No filter btw!!

    dayang diving best dive holiday malaysia



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