The best place to take your first diving mission? Bali, and here’s why.

In the event that it's your first time to dive in, why not do it in the best diving destinations there is on the planet? Yes, Bali, Indonesia and here are 3 reasons why.

The diving season is throughout the entire year!

Envision lying only 8 degrees south of the equator. You'll appreciate a tropical atmosphere in Bali the entire year. The normal temperature floats around 30°C that makes the ideal time for diving. Something else to observe is that from mid-March to mid-November, the climate is, for the most part, sunnier, less damp, and extensively the best and coolest time to visit and dive.

A handful of scuba diving zones in each corner.

South? East? North drift? Bali got you secured! Diving zones are actually all over the place! Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Sanur, Padang bai, Candidasa, Tulamben, Amed and a mess more offers diverse diving background! In the distance in Bali is likely getting you to turn out and appreciate the distinctive exercises there are. Scuba diver of all levels can appreciate the impressive diving course these spots can offer.

Diving locales for newbies.

Tulamben in the northeastern drift have great and simple conditions for figuring out how to dive, the water is generally clear and more often than not, there is no flow by any stretch of the imagination. You may likely hotshot your photography abilities due to the dark volcanic sands beneath, which gives a remarkable diverge from the striking corals and fishes. To add to the experience, you can likewise appreciate the dive on the USS Liberty Shipwreck. Pemuteran and also Padangbai offer astounding diving background under agreeable conditions and are considered as best destinations for night diving.

The "Islands of the Gods" is sitting tight for you to have only close to home transcendent diving knowledge!


Diving in Indonesia: 3 Local Cuisines You Need to Try After the Dive

Diving is not just about taking a plunge into the country’s waters. It is also about exploring its culture—and the best way to do that is through its gastronomy. Take a look at this sumptuous cuisines you definitely need to try on your next dive trip to Indonesia!

Pepes (Banana Packets)

Pepes is fundamentally the same as Thai aeb, however it's the Indonesian rendition of an arrangement of fish, meat or tofu, blended with heaps of herbs and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf, and either grilled or steamed. It was initially a Sundanese cuisine from the Western piece of Java. Probably the most widely recognized forms of pepes incorporate chicken, fish, tofu, or mushrooms, blended with chilies, turmeric, shallots, garlic, candlenut, and lemon basil. What we adore so much is the packaging; since they are altogether wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked, the banana leaf gives an additional green quintessence to whatever is cooked inside.


Diving in Indonesia: 3 Local Cuisines You Need to Try After the Dive

Makassar Soup (Meat Soup)

Another adaptation of soto, which is numerous sorts of soup, however in Makassar they call it coto (articulated choto). It is a dark meat soup or stew initially from Makassar in Southern Sulawesi. For coto Makassar, meat and innards of the cow, are the main ingredients. The bowl of coto Makassar in Jakarta was exceptionally meaty, and included cow intestines, tripe, lungs (I think), and a couple of shapes of meat, all inside a cloudy dim broiled shelled nut based soup. It had a sour and nutty taste to it. Coto Makassar is totally unsalted, thus you can put how much salt you want. You can also add a crush of lime, and some sambal. Moreover, it's basic to eat coto Makassar alongside ketupat rice cakes.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

The famous Indonesian stir fried rice. Preparing this dish, the rice is mixed and fried in margarine and oil, prepared with pounded bean stew sambal, garlic, vegetables, chicken and egg. It is also blended with kecap manis which gives the fried rice its special Indonesian touch. nasi Goreng is easy to find in Indonesian streets—it is practically everywhere.



3 Disturbing Facts About the Liberty Wreck in Bali

The famous Liberty Wreck in Bali is on the best go-to dive destinations of divers. It is considered as one of the great sunken shipwrecks in the world. Situated at the north eastern part of Bali, it is accessible all year round that is perfect for all levels of divers. But how well do you know this popular dive site? Read on as these are the 3 disturbing facts about the Liberty Wreck!


1.More than just a


While it was named as the Liberty Wreck, it is not actually a liberty class ship because it is merely its name. USAT means United States Army Transport and it was a cargo ship built at the end of World War I and used during World War II by the Americans. However, it was not built to be a warship. It had served the US Navy in the war as the animal transportation. Other names of the wreck are USAT Liberty Glo, Hog Island Null No. 517, and SS Scooba.



3 Disturbing Facts About the Liberty Wreck in Bali



2.Nightmares of the wreck

The hitting of the Japanese torpedoed the ship and was beached over Tulamben and the Mount Agung eruption in 1963 were probably the worst nightmare of the sunken ship. However, there are speculations that up until now, there are no concise explanations regarding the 1967 attack of the Israeli Defense Forces on the US Liberty. It was said that the tragic story of the American ship was overlooked as 34 American sailors were killed and many others were wounded in the Israeli fighter jet bombing. Israel apologized for the “tragic error” and paid the victims’ families but suspicious theory arises which believe that the attack was done with malicious intent.



3 Disturbing Facts About the Liberty Wreck in Bali



3.The once abandoned


Who would have thought that the once deserted ship became one of the popular wreck diving sites? After the incident of torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942, it stayed on the beach of Tulamben for about two decades. It got back to the wonders of the ocean after the Mount Agung eruption and tremors pushed the ship where it fell on its side and broke into three pieces. But not until the early 1980s, it was again forgotten. During the last 50 years, it remained underwater and completely overgrown with beautiful corals and breathtaking macro creatures.



3 Disturbing Facts About the Liberty Wreck in Bali


US Liberty Wreck may be under the depths of the ocean but it will always be remembered for its breathtaking view which makes it well-known for all divers. Keep swimming and discover its wonders!

Dive your choice in Asia with us!



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9 Tropical Dive Sites Every Diver Must Explore Now

You are being left behind if you haven’t dived into these mesmeric sites yet! Marked for their tropical appeal and rich marine life, these islands in are considered prime and unique in the world of diving. Here are nine tropical dive sites that you should definitely include on your dive bucket list!

Diving Phuket

The “The Pearl of the Andaman,” as they call it.  A handful of dive sites surround the astonishing island of Phuket. With the temperature playing between 27°C and 31°C throughout the year, it mirrors a perfect condition for diving!

 Diving in Phuket

Diving Bali

You cannot certify yourself as a diver if you haven’t dived this wonderland in Indonesia yet. The tropical island of Bali will make you wish to swap your lungs for gills. If you are a beginner, this island offers the best dive site around Amed and Padang Bay. For advanced divers, feel free to drift dive around Nusa Penida.

Bali Dive

Diving Tioman (onboard MV Nautica)

If you’re planning to visit the lovable country of Malaysia, be sure to visit the Tioman Island, one of the region’s most enchanting dive site on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Wouldn’t it be lovely to save a spot onboard MV Nautica and explore the island’s’ beauty?

Tioman Dive

Diving Manado

The island is a dream come true for deep divers because the waters can go as deep as 1600 meters that will give the opportunity to get the best wall diving experience in the world!

Manado Dive

Diving Tenggol

Another isolated jewel of Malaysia is lying on the east coast of the country. Tenggol island or Pulau Island is probably the most suited island if you are craving for a serene getaway. You’ll definitely find peace once you dive it’s marvelous underwater.

Tenggol Dive

Diving Anambas

This island from Indonesia was coined as one of the best tropical island in Asia by CNN so you’re free to set your expectations high and this island will surely not disappoint! Beautiful corals in Anambas are scattered everywhere connecting different islands.

Anambas Dive

Diving Maldives

This island is what white sandy beaches dreams are made of. Hundreds of isolated islands offer a gigantic playground for divers. What makes Maldives special is the abundant marine life that it holds underneath its waters. Book your Maldives liveaboard trip now to have a special encounter with eagle rays, whale sharks, and lots of pelagic fishes.

Maldives Dive

Diving Ambon

Attention muck divers! Set the date to meet a full range of weird and wacky macro critters such as rhinopia, wonderpus, ghost pipefish in the east part of Indonesia. Being a magnificent remote island, the number of tourists who visit here is not suffocating. This island of Ambon will give you the time and space that you need and will always be there to soothe your mind and soul.

Ambon Dive

Diving Raja Ampat Islands

The most eastern Island of Indonesian Archipelago hides the ultimate pristine paradise – Raja Ampat that translates to “The Four Kings”. The island is enormous covering 9.8 million acres of land and sea that serves as home for more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. The vast waters of Raja Ampat offer a lot of diving and snorkeling activity while the landscape above the surface is equally breathtaking.

Raja Ampat


Don’t miss your chance to explore these must-see tropical sites. Cheers to more diving expeditions, fellow divers!



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You don't need to spend big bucks for a dive holiday. Just don't miss a massive sale!

From the scuba gears and garbs to the diving travel itself, it is usually quite a hefty investment. But you know what? And we are here to help roll your ROI in that equipment!

Dive Your Choice is in its 9th year — and our massive 24-hour anniversary sale will be up! This is the perfect time to book your best dive holidays ever. Check out these exciting diving deals because we are giving away great, great discounts on our signature products!

1.Diving in Phuket

Dive with the Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and various species of Reef Sharks in the mesmerizing waters of Phuket, Thailand.

How much you can save: $70

What can you do with your savings: How about a visit to Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket and experience Thailand’s rich culture?

Travel Period: November – March 2018 (Thu-Sun)


2.Diving in Bali

Mystical wreck dive sites, Mola-Mola, and unbelievably beautiful reefs, what more can you ask for?

How much you can save: $110

What you can do with your savings: Ohh, do some nature-tripping in Bali! Stroll around the island and have a glimpse of its grandeur sceneries!

Travel Period: October – February 2017 (Fri-Mon)


3.Diving in Tioman with MV Nautica

Explore the beauty of the Igara Wreck and lavish at the sight of Tioman’s crystal clear waters through MVN liveaboard.

How much you can save per trip: $84

What you can do with your savings: Give a tip to the locals or boat crew. I’m sure they are part of your great diving experience. This tip can’t match the experience you can get during the trip.

Travel Period:

10 – 12 November 2017

17 – 19 November 2017

24 – 26 November 2017

4.Diving in Manado

Marvel upon the magnificent marine biodiversity of Manado, and swim with the Napoleon Wrasse, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, and Sailfin Tangs. With our latest partner resort, Janji Laut! Right beside the water edge, amidst cottages situated in the lush greenery..

How much you can save per trip: (Whopping) $200!

What you can do with your savings: Remember that new Mares mask you’ve always been dying to have? You can get it now!

Travel Period: All-Year Round


5.Diving in Tenggol

Tenggol boasts enchanting wrecks and marvelous underwater formations: the Coral Garden, the Rajawali Reef, and the Turtle Point to name a few. Moreover, catch the sightings of these gentle giants!

How much you can save per trip: $70

What you can do with your savings: Get a few packs of beer and admire the sunset on the beach!

Travel Period: 19 – 22 October 2017


6.Diving in Anambas with MV Nautica

Be amazed at Anambas’ unspoiled corals and crystal clear waters that are home to a healthy and colorful marine life. Oh, did we mention that MV Nautica has seen Whale Sharks countless times this year?  And did we mention this is the LAST TRIP OF THE SEASON TO ANAMBAS??!!!

How much you can save per trip: $100

What you can do with your savings: Book another trip with MV Nautica before the season closes!

Travel Period: 26 – 29 October 2017 (Last trip to Anambas!)

Not only it’s totally awesome to get these amazing diving trip deals at greatly discounted prices. It’s also super practical: you can use your savings to finally buy that new diving equipment you’ve been wanting to have ever since forever or save the money for your next diving trip or for treating a friend who wants to travel with you. Why not, right — just make sure to not miss this sale!

Date of Sale: 29.09.2017
Time of Sale: 1200
Opened for 24 Hrs, End 0000, 30.09.2017

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Bali’s best macro diving route in 5D4N

With all the picturesque diving destinations in Bali, it is surely hard which among these dives sites are worth the trip for your 5 days and 4 nights stay in the island. The east and north east of Bali is perfect for photo enthusiasts because here sets the most breath-taking creations of the island. Here are the best macro diving routes you may want to add up in your list!

Tulamben Bay

Who would forget the one of the most well-known island in Bali? Tulamben Bay is famous for USAT Liberty Shipwreck, which is the most visited wreck in the island. The sunken Japanese vessel is covered with colorful soft corals which makes it more beautiful. It is the habitat of the most amazing sea creatures such as Bumphead Parrotfish, Reef Fish, and Gorgonian Fish. Situated at the North East of Bali, macro divers will surely enjoy their dive as they explore the underwater wreck.

Puri Jati

Don’t go any further because Tulamben got you again! This 5 to 20 meter deep dive site is a catch for most of the macro divers because of the different variety of sea animals! Let’s start off with the Frog Fish, Anemone Shrimp, Box Crab, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Emperor Shrimp and the diverse squids along the waters. Puri Jati macro diving won’t be complete if you can’t catch the beauty of the mimic octopus! Beware as it may fool you into some other figure such as Snake Eels or Lion Fish!

Secret Bay/Gilimanuk Bay

Let’s go at the northwest of Bali where the wonderful Secret Bay is waiting to be seen. The bizarre plateau of black volcanic sand underwater will catch the attention of most of the macro divers. This site is perfect for muck and macro diving because it is the dwelling place of Seahorses, Ghost Pipefish, Dragonet, Nudis Galore, and Mantis Shrimp! Keep your eyes open as tiny creatures such as critters will greet you underwater. The 3 to 10 meter cool water of the Secret Bay can be visited at all times because it is all year round.

Jemuluk Bay

Near Tulamben located the Amed, which is the home of the Jemuluk Bay. Macro divers, get ready your cameras as this is a very accessible dive site that can take you to the wonders of the underwater! Beginner divers are also welcome here because of the light current. Don’t miss the chance of meeting with the rare Scorpion Fish and Ghost Pipefish! This is also perfect for night diving and you may be guided by the astounding Moray Eels and Triggerfish.

Padangbai’s Blue Lagoon

Lastly, the Blue Lagoon can complete your macro diving experience in Bali! Both beginners and advanced divers can appreciate the beauty underwater because it is more accessible! Colorful reefs, soft and hard corals will excites you plus the amazing deep wall on the right side of the Lagoon. Napoleon Wrasse, Stone Fish and Sweet Lip will also be your companion throughout your diving experience.


Create incredible moments underwater as these macro diving routes can help you to take more unbelievable photos!



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First Singaporean Resort on the shore of Tulamben, Bali

Pure, adrenaline-loaded escapades! This is what the first Singaporean resort in Tulamben, Dive Inn Bali, has to offer! There are tons of reasons why it is the best resort for your Bali diving adventures, you know? And here are some of them:

Easy access to mesmerizing dive spots

Yes, right! This means it’s not going to be so much of a hassle just for you to enjoy the spectacular underwater because Dive Inn Bali has the easiest access to the most amazing dive sites in Bali such as the USS Liberty Wreck, Kubu Shipwreck, and Boga Wreck. The Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida, Japanese Shipwreck in Amed and Menjangan are also accessible through it. Dive Inn Bali offers the best ways for you to enjoy Bali’s amazing aquatic paradise.

Quality dive without draining your bank

Diving doesn’t have to be so pricey! Here, here? That’s why Dive Inn Bali opens you up to the gates of Bali’s marine wonderland without ripping your pockets, and drawing black holes to your bank accounts. It offers super affordable diving and non-diving packages as well as diving courses without sacrificing the quality of its diving equipment and other amenities. For as low as $185 for non-diving and $325 for a diving package, you’re already in for an underwater thrill!

Dive Trips Bali | Diving in Tulamben | Day Trips Bali

Dedicated to giving you an adventure-packed plunge

Dive Inn Bali is all about delivering you adventures and excitement! Plus, their packages are readily customized to give you the best diving experience ever. No need of stressing yourself over planning from scratch where to go. Dive Inn Bali has gotten that one for you with their well-arranged array of packages (e.g. 4D3N KUBU & TULAMBEN FROM $325/pax., 4D3N KUBU & NUSA PENIDA FROM $425/pax). Plus! Booking on their website is so easy and hassle-free!


See? With Dive Inn Bali, you just pack and go! Going on an adventure doesn’t have to be a pain in the spine. Book now with Dive Inn Bali and you’re in for the best dive of your life!



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5 Reasons to Go Diving in Tulamben

Tulamben is a world-renowned little village that lies beneath the foot of Gunung Agung volcano in the Northeastern coast of Bali. Here are 5 reasons why you should dive here:

Good scuba diving conditions

Most dive spots in the village are reachable directly from the coastline that is concealed with volcanic rocks and cobbles. The seafloor changes at a depth of around 6m from rock to sand. You will most probably find very clear water here all throughout the year with generally no or mild north-west flowing currents. In terms of visibility, it can reach up to 40m when you dive at the right time which is from late March until July and the months of October and November but basically, you can dive any time of the year!

Explore the USAT Liberty Wreck

The world famous shipwreck is found just 30 meters from the beach and is accessible to all levels of divers. The wreck is ginormous (120 m) and is an amazing concourse to patrol.  You will witness the beauty of soft corals, schooling fishes, and blacktip reef sharks that took over the sunken freight. You would want to dive early in the morning when the wreck is not jammed pack by divers yet!

Take the plunge in the Drop-off

A vertical wall beginning at 15m dropping down to a depth of 60m which then reverts to a steep slope will introduce you to abundant marine life. At 30m, it is guaranteed to see white-tip reef sharks, big Napoleon Wrasse, Bumphead parrotfish, and Moray eels.  Visibility in this area is best in the morning usually around 15-20m thanks to the amount of plankton in the water. It is indeed a very rich reef with an easy beach entry for divers.

Macro Photography Delight

Tulamben is one of the havens for macro photographers in the world. Seraya Secrets in the east of the village with the maximum depth of 30m is probably the best to get your macro shots. The slopes with black sand from the eruption and tiny sea plants mark this site generous in exceptional and unique species of creatures. Many types of nudibranchs, crabs, goby, frogfish, shrimp, pygmy seahorse and others will satisfy your photography itch.

5 Reasons to Go Diving in Tulamben

Near Hotels and Resorts

The place to stay in will not be a problem in your adventure because there are many resorts that are only a few minutes away from the bay and dive spots. You can personally choose your own room in your comfort that will suit your budget in most cases. Backpackers – fret not, we have the one and only sea-view hostel!

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Dive the Best of Bali in 4D3N

Do you know that Bali is one of the homes of the beautiful Mola-Mola and Manta? Here are some of the dive sites you may want to consider when you want to see them on the island of Bali!


Blue Corner

Having a deepest blue water color, this dive site is one of the dwelling places of the giant Mola mola. Make way as this 2 to 3-meter wingspan fish welcomes you in the depths of the water. If you are up for drift diving, this site is for you! Located at the northern tip of Nusa Lembongan, it is also a home for beautiful marine creatures such as Moray Eels, Marble Ray, Eagle Ray, and Emperor Angelfish. It is recommended to dive at days of July and September as the water becomes cooler.

Nusa Penida’s Manta Point

Let’s go to the south of Bali! This diving destination will capture your attention as it is one of the best places to witness manta rays! Manta Point was named after the Giant Manta Ray that swims along with the other beautiful marine lives. Photo enthusiasts will surely enjoy this area as colorful reefs and variety of marine fishes can be seen underwater, too! Manta Rays can be best seen at the left corner of the huge boulder rock at the 15-meter deep water. Try to take a photo at different colors of Manta Rays and the amazing Bamboo Sharks.

Nusa Penida’s Crystal Bay

Don’t go any farther as Nusa Penida’s Crystal Bay offers another breath-taking dive site! As you drift dive to this 40-meter deep ocean, you can have the chance to get closer to the beauty of the Mola-mola. Get ready to be blown away to the wonders of underwater as healthy corals and reefs can also be witnessed. The highlight of this site is the cleaning stations for the Sunfish and it can be best visited in the months of July to September.

Nusa Penida’s Toyapakeh

At the northern west part of Bali lies the Toyapakeh. Before you can witness the incredible Mola-mola, you will be first greeted by different soft and hard corals and the Trumpet Fish, Puffers, and Giant Trevally. Dive deeper and you can catch patrolling larger pelagics such as the Mola-mola! Though this dive site is not for everyone, drift divers can enjoy the beauty of Napoleon Wrasse, Trevally, and Jackfish.

These dive sites are perfect for the divers who want to see the splendor Manta Rays and Oceanic Fish. Ready yourself as you explore the depths of the ocean with the patrolling marine creatures!

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How I Am Getting Ready for the Mola Mola Season

Hey, divers! The mola-mola season will be up in no time! The largest bony wonder of the deep is waiting for you to adore so what are you waiting for? Pack your gears and get into diving! Here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for some Mola mola adventure.

Book a dive trip to the island of Bali!

This is probably the first step for your most awaited adventure. You’ll definitely get the world class diving service in Dive Inn Bali, a dive center, resort, and travel services located in Tulamben. With the Mola mola season only a few moons away, take a look at your schedule and contact the resort early to get the excellent opportunity to appreciate the wonderful Bali Sunfish whilst getting the highest levels of customer service from their experienced dive team.

Dive Sites Checklist

Bali is surrounded by nutrient-rich waters loved and adored by the Mola mola but the Nusa Penida is one of their favored cleaning stations. Dive places such as Crystal Bay, Blue Corner, Toyapakeh are among the dive sites that are variable and perfect for Mola Mola spotting and hunting. It is highly suggested that you devote at least 3 days of diving around Nusa Penida to provide yourself the greatest chance of interacting with these glorious creatures.

Upgrade your diving level, get an Advanced Adventurer Course!

To get the greatest out of your Mola mola adventure and other exciting dives, it is nothing but rightful to upgrade your diving skills. Predominantly, the richest marine biodiversity is deeper than 60ft. Scuba divers who wish to hang out with the Mola mola have to be prepared for the strong currents which can be challenging and occasionally hazardous that’s why you should definitely enroll in an advanced adventurer course to get plenty of experience as well as confidence. There are a lot of resorts and diving centers that offer this course, take for example Dive Inn Bali for 3 days and 4 nights with their expert diving team.

Prepare diving equipment!

After booking your trip and checking all the possible dive sites to interact with the Mola Mola, you have to prep up your diving gear next. Let’s start your investment with a well-fitted drysuit to keep you warm and comfy underwater. Your next piece should be your regulator with an instrument console then your buoyancy compensator. You should also arrange your own tank, weights, underwater light, booties, gloves, safety sausage and a dive bag to hold it all. We all know it, diving is not cheap neither is the gear and equipment that you need so you can just rent your gear on some diving centers. Get your dive gear the maintenance it needs to ensure that it is reliable and functioning before the trip!

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