3 Ways To Get The Most Out of ADEX

ADEX is just round the corner. It’s shopping time again! I mean, of course, ADEX is more than just discounted trips, courses or equipment, but that’s what most of us are there for right? If you are new to diving, ADEX is an exciting place to be, you’ll probably be walking from booth to booth and checking out the operators’ offerings. If you have a friend who is into diving, you’ll probably be heeding their recommendations on what to get and who to go diving with. If not, it could be a little overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions before diving head-in to ADEX!

7 Must Go Destinations For The "Big Stuff" Lovers

Almost every scuba diver has come across that image somewhere – that majestic yet graceful creature gliding across the waters, it might be a Whale Shark, an Oceanic Manta Ray, whatever creature it is, that moment always captures our hearts. It usually piques our imagination and that question, “What if … Read more

3 Reasons Why A Liveaboard Is the Way To Dive

The increasingly comfortable urbanite in me tends to overpower the romantic wanderlust nowadays. If wheels would do, no legs will be used. If a direct flight is available, I’d rather pay more. Initially, I was a little skeptical about liveaboard because of the concern of seasickness. Well, up till now, it’s all good. Unless you are ultra-sensitive, seasickness seldom happens. One of the significant upsides of a liveaboard is this, it is that perfect sweet spot between an adventure and a holiday.

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