How diving helps me become physically fit?

Scuba diving is both an adrenaline-boosting sport and an amazing experience, however there’s a whole other world to it than meets the eye. Physical Tune Up! Like a space explorer traveling through space, diver likewise floats weightlessly the same amount of. As you move about the water it appears to … Read more

Favorite dive sites in Lombok!

Impeccable white sand beaches, dazzling cliffs and rising above volcanoes make Lombok a truly remarkable dive destination. The Magnet Situated in Belongas Bay, this is Lombok’s most acclaimed dive site – and for valid justifications. The Magnet is a stunning untamed ocean shake peak which genuinely attracts edge and pelagics … Read more

Why I’ll always go back to the island of Manado

Manado is an ideal site for diving as a result of its wonderful marine life, as well as its exciting and amazing sites. Here’s a rundown of things we love about this island: Nature escapades In the event that you need to escape from the solid wilderness that is the … Read more

4 Things You Should Do While In Anambas Islands

Anambas Islands in Riau Islands territory are still under the radar of numerous holidaymakers. Relatively few individuals know about the islands’ wonderful waterfront and marine life, maybe because of its remote area. In any case, things may change sooner rather than later. Island Hopping Island hopping is unmistakably one of … Read more

Why Scuba Diving Is Considered As Meditation

Many non-divers consider scuba diving as an extreme game. Simply say that you’re a diver and watch non-diver’s eyes go wide. They may inquire as to whether your medical coverage covers the extremely unsafe activity you’re taking an interest in. As scuba has picked up prominence, however, more dollars have … Read more

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Tioman

Tioman is known for its true to life cerulean waters complimented by its unmistakable white sandy beaches ornamented with the greens swinging from the rough precipices that encompass it—absolutely deserving of your enthusiastically-curated Instagram feed—yet there is a whole other world to Tioman than this perfect surface. What individuals don’t … Read more

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